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2015 4th abstract acting actors alice in wonderland allium american bullfrog american falls american flag american goldfinch animals anise annie apennine aquilegia architecture arno asclepias physocarpa asclepias syriaca asclepias tuberosa autumn azalea baby balloon cottonbush balloon plant banded orange barnegat lighthouse bay beach beardtongue beardtongue foxglove beaver stadium bee bees bench benches bergamot bird birds birdsfoot trefoil birthday bittersweet nightshade black beauty black swans blackeyed susan blazing star bleeding heart bleeding hearts blizzard bloom blooms blossom blossoms blue heron boat boats book books bottle bottles bouquets boutique boy bridge brook buckeye bud buds building bullfrog butterflies butterfly butterfly bush butterfly conservatory butterfly weed cabbage white cactus camel campsis radicans canada canadian thistle canna canna pretoria carduelis tristis carnival carosel catch ceiling celosia celosia spicata chair challenge cherry cherry tree chick chicory child children cichorium intybus cirsium arvense city classic truck claytonia claytonia virginica clearwing clearwing hummingbird moth clematis clematis montana cleome cleome hassleriana clock clouded sulphur clouds colias philodice colosseum columbine common buckeye common clearwing common milkweed common sundrops cone coreopsis coreopsis lanceikata corn costume cottonbush creek crocus crown vetch cupido comyntas daffodil daffodils dahlia daily daisy daisy fleabane danaus plexippus day lily daylily deadly nightshade dew dgrin dianthus dianthus barbatus diner dock dog dogwood dome dove downtown dragonfly dromedary drops dryadula phaetusa duck dunes dusk eastern prickly pear cactus eastern tailed blue eastern tiger swallowtail eclipse eichhornia crassipes erigeron philadelphicus erigeron strigosus evening everes comyntas fair fall falls farm father fauna fence fern ferris wheel festival field fire fire pink fireplace fireworks flag flags flame azalea flamingo feather pink fleabane florence florida anise flower flowers fog football footprints forest forsythia fothergilla fourth of july foxglove foxglove beardtongue freedom tower frog frozen fruit fudge full moon gaillardia pulchella garden gardeners gayfeather gear gears geese goldfinch gomphocarpus physocarpus gomphrena goose goslings gourds grape hyacinth grass grasses great blue heron green tree iguana gull heads heather heliconian heliconius charithonia helleborus hemaris diffinis hemaris thysbe heron hibiscus honeysuckle horseshoe falls hummingbird moth hyacinth hyacinths hydrangea ice iguana indian blanket indian fig infant insect instruments iris italy jaguar jersey shore july fourth kid kids lake lamprocapnos spectabilis lance leaved coreopsis law lbi leaf leaves legal leucanthemum vulgare liatris spicata lifeguard lighthouse lilac lilacs lilies lilium lillium lily lily pad lizard long beach island lonicera sempervirens lotus corniculata lunar eclipse lupine lysimachia quadrifolia macro magnolia maid of the mist maize man manhattan mantis meadow medical memorial milan milkweed mist monarch mondara fistulosa monument moon moon shadow moth mourning dove multiflora rose muscari needles new year new york new york city niagara niagara falls niagara parks night nightshade nittany lions nyc nymphaea odorata oak ocean odontoglossom oenothera fruticosa office old barney old main ontario opuntia humifusa orchid orchids ornithogalum umbellatum outhouse owl oxeye oxeye daisy pad padua panthera onca papilio glaucus papilio troilus park path peacock pecks skipper pendulum penguin penguins penn state pennsylvania state university penstemon digitalis pet petal phalaenopsis phalaenopsis aphrodite philidelphia fleabane phlox pidcock creek pieris rapae pine cone pine cones pine tree pink pitcher plant plant plants pods polites peckius pond poodle portrait praying mantis pregnancy prickly pear prickly pear cactus psu pumpkin pumpkin patch pumpkins purple pitcher plant railroad rain rain drops raindrops rays reflection reflections reptile rhododendron ride river road robin rome roof rosa multiflora rose roses rudbeckia hirta sailboat sarracenia purpurea sc securigera varia seed seedlings seeds selective color shed shop shore short cupped daffodil show shrub sign silene virginica skipper sky snow snowberry clearwing snowscapes snowy owl solanum dulcamara solstice son spicebush swallowtail spider spider flower spider web spiderflower spring spring beauty squash stadium stage staircase stairs standard poodle star of bethlehem store storm stream sulfur sulphur summer suncatcher sundrops sunlight sunrise sunset surfer surfing surgery swallowtail swan swan plant swans tackle taxidermy terrapin point theater thistle tiger lily tiger swallowtail toad touchdown tower one tracks train tree trees trefoil trellis trevi truck trumpet creeper trumpet honeysuckle tulip tulips tuscan tuscany venice verona wall street water drops water hyacinth water lily waterfall waterfalls wave waves weeds white whorled loosestrife wild bergamot wild flower wildflower wildflowers window windows winter witch alder wolf wolves woods worm yellow zebra longwing zinnia zinnias zoo
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